Comic Bakery Remake 2004-2007!

Joe the baker must defeat the rascally Racoons

This game was made for the


MSX Screens

C64 Screens

PC Screens



Joe the baker must defeat the rascally Racoons and get his loaves out of the factory and loaded up before 5 o'clock. His trusty stun-gun and quick wits are the only help on hand, he'll have to keep a sharp eye on those Racoon Dogs as they can prove fatal if they get too close!


Bake as many loaves as possible and truck them to the Baker's Shop before time runs out. The bakery is automated so it should be easy, but mischievous Racoons have broken into the factory and are intent on stealing the loaves, switching off the machinery and getting under your feet!

To combat these pests you are equipped with a stun-gun which sends the Racoons to sleep for a few moments enabling yoo to rush up and kick them out. The layout of the factory is displayed in a radar view at the top of the screen and you must keep the conveyors rolling at all costs - switching the machinery back on after being sabotaged by the Racoons and stunning or jumping over them as they approach (The stun-gun operates in the direction of travel or if stationary the last direction).


                The game is controlled by keyboard.


                Jump left    '   Jump right
                          *  '  *
                           * ' *
                Walk left ---*--- Walk right

                Fire button = Stun-gun
                Pause = key for Pausemode On / Off

                Arrow keys = Left,Right and Jump
                Right Ctrl = Fire
                Esc = Quit

                Key 1 = Music Off / On
                Key 2 = Sound Effects Off / On
                Key Scroll = Save Screenshot



On-screen scoring shows current score, hi-score, stage or level number, number of stun-shots left and number of lives remaining. On the side of the Bakery Truck is displayed the number of loaves sucess- fully baked.

Points are awarded as follows:
600 - For each loaf baked
300 - Top Racoon sleep
200 - Top bottom Racoon sleep
120 - Kicking Racoon
100 - Make a Racoon jump
50 - Switching machine back on

Bonus life after:
10.000 points
30.000 points
60.000 points
100.000 points
and after this every 50.000 points
(Up to a maximum of 9).

N.B. A life is lost each time Joe collides with a Racoon.

You must have saved at least 4 loaves everytime you get to the cafe or else you lose a life!


1. Keep an eye on the radar, this will show you if any machines have been switched off.

2. Do not waste stun-shots they will replenish but there is a maximum.

3. Remember you can shoot a Racoon while jumping over it.


New features in version 0.998:

Release number 5!
Yeah! At last I have access to our homepage again.

- Changed the loading tune to the wellknown "Ocean Loader" from the original tape loader. Another great remix by Wolk!

- New original music by Wolk in the cheat menu.

- Now you have new options in the menu.

- Reset hiscore. A Jukebox with all music, jingles, soundeffects and a little surprise ;-)

- Many bugfixes and a massiv cleanup of the source code.

- One of the nasties bugs ever pop up and the game always crash on Wolk's computers :-( Everything works well om all my slow computers with different versions of Windows.

- At last I find the bug but that part of the code its old and never changed? It's works in older versions but not in the latest.....